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s02e25?– Two Professionals One Cast



Our duo Cheese and DerRidda deftly step past a recording hiccough and discuss Handmade Penguin, the Steam Holiday Auction, BioShock Infinite, Civilization: Beyond Earth, 7DFPS and more! Introduction 00:00:18 Cheese @ValiantCheese introduces 00:00:20 @DerRidda 00:00:22 Once more, with feeling... Our Gaming 00:00:32 @DerRidda has been playing CS:GO, Deponia and The Last Federation 00:00:47 @ValiantCheese has been playing some 7dfps games, Satellite Reign, Crypt of the Necrodancer, Distance and Shovel Knight SteamLUG Community News 00:01:16 Altitude event [] 00:01:36 Screencheat [] 00:01:48 TF2 [] 00:01:49 CS:GO [] 00:01:56 Upcoming post-cast No More Room in Hell [] 00:02:04