SteamLUG Cast

s02e20?– Freedom Cheese



Cheese, DerRidda and Nemoder chat about the Steam Discovery update, the Saxxies, Virtual Reality, Civilisation: Beyond Earth and more! Introduction 00:00:17 @ValiantCheese introduces 00:00:19 @DerRidda 00:00:22 Nemoder Our Games 00:00:41 @DerRidda has been lost in Wasteland 2, DotA 2, Strife, Tropico 5, HL2: Ep1 & Ep2, CS:GO, Borderlands 2 00:07:48 Nemoder played some Tropico 5, Guns of Icarus Online, Descent 1 via Rebirth: [] 00:09:17 @ValiantCheese has been playing some Chasm, Guns of Icarus Online, Crypt of the Necrodancer SteamLUG Community Stuff 00:13:33 Our past events: Frozen Synapse [] No More Room in Hell [] Planetary Annihilation [] Orbital Gear [] 00:15:01 Upcoming events: Bo