SteamLUG Cast

s02e18?– Devious Mevious



We’re happy to chat with level designer and renown Portal mapper Mevious as we discuss his history, Portal Pro, Rexaura, the SteamLUG Portal 2 Mapping Challenge and more! Introduction 00:00:16 Cheeseness @ValiantCheese introduces 00:00:18 Nemoder 00:00:21 Cockfight @Buckwangs 00:00:24 and special guest Mevious @PortalMevious Our Gaming 00:00:34 Nemoder has been playing Portal 2, Transportation Tycoon 00:01:01 Cockfight puzzled through Hexcells Infinite, Left 4 Dead 2 and Portal 2 00:01:30 Cheeseness enjoyed Portal 2 and Crypt of the NecroDancer 00:02:02 Mevious spent Five Nights At Freddy's Portal 2 Mapping Challenge & Mevious Interview 00:02:44 Turn out: 7 single player maps and 7 coop maps [] 00:03:02 Nemoder's favorites were Leo's map (SP) and Corben's map 00:03:22 Cockfight liked Corben's map 00:03:51 Mevious thought Brain Melter stood out 00:04:32 Thoughts on difficulty and/or quality 00:05:58 Limitations of Portal 2's in-game ed