SteamLUG Cast

s02e15?– Fera Avis Pinguis



Production manager Edwin Smith from Feral Interactive, a well‐known Mac porting house, joins the SteamLUG Cast to converse about their first Linux port XCOM. We then move onto the topics of the last fortnight. Introduction 00:00:14 Cheese @ValiantCheese introduces himself and… 00:00:19 DerRidda @DerRidda 00:00:21 johndrinkwater @johndrinkwater 00:00:25 and special guest Edwin Smith @feralgames 00:00:31 Is everyone busy? 00:00:35 Let’s hope so! Our Gaming 00:00:51 John has been playing Dota 2, Skulls of the Shogun, XCOM, LYNE and Things™ 00:01:16 DerRidda has been playing Dota 2, NEO Scavenger, Half‐Life: Blue Shift 00:01:53 Cheese has been playing Guns of Icarus Online, Crypt of the NecroDancer, TF2, Civ V, Hand of Fate, XCOM. Testing The Fall, The Maker’s Eden, The Journey Down Chapter 2 and an unannounced title 00:02:31 Edwin was not too busy to play XCOM, Football Manager, in development titles like Shogun 2, Half‐Life, LEGO games 00:03:29 Aren’t LEGO games lovely? Interview with Edwin 00:05:02 Who