SteamLUG Cast

s02e13?– Operation Bloody Future



Cheese, John and DerRidda discuss the last fortnight’s gaming news and releases. Apologies for DerRidda’s audio quality, where I could I cleaned it up, otherwise there are a few moments of static over his talking -- John. Introduction 00:00:09 Cheese @ValiantCheese introduces 00:00:19 @johndrinkwater 00:00:22 @DerRidda Our Gaming 00:01:45 John has been playing LYNE and Circuits. 00:02:26 DerRidda has been playing DOTA2, XCOM, Antichamber. 00:02:43 Cheeseness has been testing The Fall, playing XCOM, Battle Block Theatre, Civ V, TF2, GoI:O. SteamLUG Community Stuff 00:03:17 Past events: Guns of Icarus: Online [] Awesomenauts [] Battle Block Theatre [] 00:06:26 Upcoming events: Starbound [] Planetary Annihilation [http://steamcommunity.c