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Swordfischer, John and DerRidda get together once again to talk about what they’ve been playing, discuss some Valve news, interesting crowdfunding campaigns, Greenlit titles and more! Thanks to the wonderful for editing the casts so far this season. Introduction 00:00:10 John @johndrinkwater introduces 00:00:16 DerRidda @DerRidda 00:00:19 Sword @swordfischer Our Linux Gaming 00:00:34 Sword has been playing Rogue Legacy, Savant - Ascend, RUST, Gravity Badgers 00:03:57 DerRidda has been playing Dota 2, NEO Scavenger, Starbound and a bit of Cities In Motion 2 00:07:43 John has been playing lots of Minecraft, Serena, TF2, ETS2, FORCED, Worms: Reloaded SteamLUG Community Stuff 00:09:04 Past events: Painkiller: H&D [] Worms: Reloaded [] TF2 [] 00:10:19 Upcoming e