Sex & Studio City

Ep. 44 | Happy St. PaDDy Double D’s



Having already immersed themselves in Irish culture, the ladies of Sex & Studio City felt the need to go all out for St. Patrick’s Day. They discuss the importance of a ‘mid-game’ during a St. Paddy’s day drink sesh, during recovery they watched the very Irish film ‘The Wind that Shakes the Barley,’ and as if that wasn’t enough Irish, Kayley interviewed Irish actor Chris O’Dowd from ‘Bridesmaids.’ Jenny attended a posh, LA event at a boujee home in the hills of Bel Air where she begrudgingly took photos with three hot men wearing only banana hammocks. The girls top off this episode with the dating topic of having specific rules when you first start dating, and end with the classic game, F*CK/MARRY/KILL. Head to our website, follow the Pod on Instagram @sexandstudiocity and email us at Cheers! xx