Won't You Meet My Neighbor

Stepanie Moniz (aka Charlotte Apricot) - mom to Dasan, of Tre Maison Dasan



Stephanie Moniz is mom to Dasan. Both Stephanie and Dasan are featured in the very moving documentary, Tre Maison Dasan, which takes a look at how three boys (Tre, Maison and Dasan) and their families are affected by their parents' incarceration. This film, directed by Denali Tiller, who will be featured in episode 9 of WYMMN, along with Maison, has won awards across the globe and will be featured on PBS's Independent Lens and can be streamed on PBS.org, April 1st through April 14th. While in prison, Stephanie wrote and illustrated Resilient Mr. Ball for Dasan, under the pseudonym, Charlotte Apricot, and can now be purchased on Amazon. Stephanie is working on an activity guide to accompany the book, and has books in the works for children and adults. She also works with The Nonviolence Institute in helping youth to adopt nonviolent solutions to problems.