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2038 JL Sun Belt Free Agency Review



Randy Weigand, Stephen Lane, and Ted Schmidt Review the 2038 Johnson League Southeast FA signings. This was recorded prior to Spring Training and does not include any signings after that time. I decided to break these into division based segments this year as all six divisions would be nearly four hours of content. Some are longer than others, but division based segments seemed more natural than time based ones. The end of this segment includes a wrapup, as well as a discussion of FA strategy that I think has some good points. Also, I realized during editing we did a poor job of actually giving the contract info. So it is listed below. Sorry for the format. It's copied and pasted from my notes.  Las Vegas 0:20 Mexico City 08:13 Phoenix 08:56 San Antonio 13:58 Wichita 21:34 Review/Favorite Deals/Big Fa contracts 33:40 FA strategy discussion 38:15 Johnson League Sun Belts Las Vegas Hustlers 108, 120 00:20 SP Mauro Flores – 26.5, 25.5, opt, 25.5, 25.5 v, 25.5 v C Antonio Robles – 1.5, 1.5TO, 1.5TO Uti