Mijk Van Dijk Dj Sets

Mijk van Dijk at Dommune Tokyo, 2011-11-14, Part 2



Part 2 of Mijk van Dijk's NuFunk set at Tokyo internet Ustream show www.dommune.com, November 14th 2011. Introducing the new mijkfunk "Kids Want Revolution-EP" on nuFunkFiles. Also featuring the album "Rebellion" by Mijk's band The Chaenge. Pure NuFunk set, only the final tune is a progressive trance remix by Mijk's brother-in-raw Toby Izui for Kaori Kaneko's band Language. Kaori was the featured vocalist on Mijk's 2010 track "Without A Word". Mijk's tribute for that very special time he had again in beloved Japan. Mijk used a Vestax VCI-400 to control NI Traktor in the mix with NI Maschine for additional drum parts. More tech info here: http://shop.plaza.rakuten.co.jp/dj/di...