Mijk Van Dijk Dj Sets

Mijk van Dijk's Do Not Despair Mix from 2012



After the brute assault on the good people of French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo I have been discussing a lot with friends, how we can act in response to this. My main comment always was that no matter if Christian, Muslim, Jew or Gentile: we are the people! And we must stand together against oppression, may it come from terrorists or politicians who want to divide us for their own agenda. Early in 2012 I did a DJ mix for Merlyn Martin's radio show Subdivisions. For the intro I mixed the famous inspirational speech by Charlie Chaplin from the movie The Great Dictator. This speech consoles me again in these dark and stormy days and nurtures my belief, that humanity can prevail after all. Here's that mix again with proper intro and ending and my sincer hope that you will feel inspired as well to stand strong, live your life free and without fear and speak out in favour of the people, of all people of this microglobe that we call planet Earth. We are all Charlie! We are all Ahmed!