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How to Shop Sustainable and Ethical Fashion with Aditi Mayer



In this episode, Amelia interviews sustainable fashion blogger and photo journalist Aditi Mayer @aditimayer. They talk about the true cost of fashion, from the exploitation on marginalized peoples to the environmental impact of fast fashion, and also the need for more true diversity and inclusion within the fashion world. Aditi shares some great tips and advice on how to find your unique style, thrifting and how to shop sustainably on a budget. Amelia and Aditi also discuss the differences between synthetic and natural fabrics, whether semi-synthetics and recycled polyester are sustainable choices, and what certifications to look for when trying to decide if something is truly eco-friendly, healthy and ethical. But making a difference doesn’t have to end with our consumer choices - Aditi shares about her experience living at Her Farm in Nepal, a matriarchal organic farm created as a safe space for women coming out of domestic abuse. This experience opened up her mind to the questions: What does sustaina