Living Prana Vida

Minimalism and Mindful Living with The Sustainable Duo



Amelia chats with Carly Bergman and Brenden Fitzgerald, AKA @sustainable_duo about zero waste and minimalist living, the joys of eating from the earth, sustainable food growing, connecting to the earth and eco-spirituality, and conscious entrepreneurship. We dive into: - Carly and Brenden's contrasting roots/upbringing and how they each found veganism and sustainable/minimalist living, and each other - How and why Brenden went from eating a heavy meat-based diet his whole life to vegan overnight (he's got great tips for those who don't like/aren't used to eating plants) - How living authentically and in alignment with your values and your truth is one of the most valuable contributions you can make, and is what inspires real change in the world - Why food forests are our future and how we can grow our own food anywhere, even in northern climates - Why and how Carly and Brenden started giving up possessions and living minimally, and why it brings them so much joy, connection and serenity (Documentary reco