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Ask Amelia Anything: Pregnancy after Loss, Justin and Going Vegan



From pregnancy after loss and dealing with challenging times, to her relationship with her husband Justin and the lifestyle changes she's made, Amelia opens up about where she's at right now and many of the struggles and epiphanies that have guided her personal and spiritual growth over the past decade. Heidi (from episode 1) joins Amelia again on this episode to ask her your most asked questions, such as: Do you ever get SAD (seasonal affective disorder)? How are you doing emotionally with this pregnancy? What are some strategies you use to overcome fear and grief? Did you ever go through therapy after loosing Landon? How has your relationship with Justin been impacted by challenging times? Is Justin spiritual? Does Justin support the low waste/vegan lifestyle changes you’ve made? Did you go vegan for health or for the animals? How do you do it ALL? What are your intentions going forward into this new season of life?   Want to stay in touch? Subscribe to Amelia's emails for weekly healthy and sust