Living Prana Vida

Healing, Honest Motherhood and Living in Alignment with Marla Barr



In this episode, Amelia chats with Marla Barr @thedetoxyogi, mother of two, food scientist, yoga and meditation teacher, wellness retreat facilitator and host of the Your Wellness Journey podcast. From her unexpected and ultimately transformative job teaching an elephant to paint to becoming a marketing specialist on Deepak Chopra’s team, Marla’s life is an amazing example of how to live inspired, vulnerable, and aligned with your core values. Marla shares about how the losses of her grandparents and mother ignited her interest in healing and wellness, and her experience in medical school that led her to a passion for food science, herbalism, Ayurveda and a variety of healing modalities like reflexology, reiki and yoga.  Connected over a shared love of health and living sustainably, Marla and Amelia chat about raising plant-based children, the challenges of finding balance as a work-from-home mom, and navigating life when your spouse, family or community aren’t on board with changes you