Cut The Crap Podcast

Stop 'Should'-ing All Over Yourself



A key block to being happy and fulfilled is not *not reaching your goals*, it is not being more present in any given moment. We spend too much of our time ‘shoulding’ all over ourselves – “I should be doing this, I shouldn’t be doing that, I should exercise more/eat less etc”. We owe it to ourselves to stop and listen to ourselves properly sometimes – not our chimpy brain jumping up and down and criticising us for not always working/striving;   When we LISTEN to ourselves, two things happen: We realise that a lot of what we are telling ourselves is a load of arse, and not true; We also hear what we really NEED to hear!   KEY TAKEAWAYS What we hear in our heads – our inner monologue – is often inaccurate or downright untrue, but we rarely take the time to analyse it critically, we believe it blindly without question. When we take more care of ourselves, stop ‘should-ing’ all over ourselves and just STOP, we recharge and refresh ours