Cut The Crap Podcast

Let’s Talk About Sex (Baby)...



In this episode, Emma talks with Lisa Letwin, a Women’s Sexuality Coach based in Canada, about how and why women (and men) get blocked around their sexuality, and how this can, in turn, block us in other areas of our lives.   Key Takeaways: We are all animals, yet we try to deny a fundamental part of ourselves which is the biological drive to procreate, and also simply enjoy sex!   The biggest block for women happens in two areas: Women are expected to be ‘on’ all the time, working to keep everyone around us happy, fed, and minded; Women are expected to behave a certain way sexually, we are not always free to express our sexuality the way we want to.   In the Taoist tradition, sexuality and sexual energy is fundamental to life and highly respected by them, it is central to their teachings.   Women largely learn about their sexuality in relationship to another (person).   As a man becomes a man and has these experiences he is still within himself – m