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How to go Clothes Shopping When you Have Body Confidence Issues



‘I hate clothes shopping! and now the dread has now become so bad that I walk in and out of shops aimlessly not knowing where to start anymore.  A lot of it is due to my  lack of body confidence  I just want some clothes that I feel confident wearing.’ In this episode, Emma is answering Katie’s question about clothes shopping and explores the real barriers that are stopping her from developing the style and personal persona that she wants.   Emma and Katie explored this topic in a live interview. Katie’s question will resonate with many and Emma’s advice is invaluable so tune in now to find out more. KEY TAKEAWAYS An issue that is causing challenges in one area, can impact on other areas of your life. In identifying and exploring a particular block wider issues and other blocks that need to be overcome can be revealed. Where is the main block for you? The changing rooms have lots of mirrors and it's quite overwhelming if you’re not very body