Cut The Crap Podcast

Sh*t is Warm... that's why change is HARD...



In this episode, Emma explores ambivalence and asks ‘Where are you on the cycle of readiness to change?' This podcast provides an invaluable insight into why we can sit on the fence about change, no matter how much we 'think' or tell ourselves we want to change. But we can all change and move forward successfully with our lives when we understand why we hesitate/procrastinate.  KEY TAKEAWAYS Readiness to change In therapy, there is a 6-stage model of readiness to change - knowing where you are on it helps;  Are you paying lip service to changing, or are you ready to do the work and make the change? Pre-contemplation The person doesn’t recognise there is a problem even when others are pointing it out to them. Contemplation This is when a seed of doubt creeps in for the person. They begin to acknowledge that there is a problem and that they are using unhealthy coping strategies. However, they are not in a position where they are looking to change or resolve the problem. Determinatio