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Entrepreneurs do it The Hard Way



GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY  In a closed Entrepreneur Facebook group Emma put out a post asking people what it was they were doing that they knew was getting in their own way.  In this podcast, Emma talks to Mark about his inner dialogue - believing it without questioning it, and being a course junkie - doing loads of learning but not applying any of it! This fascinating episode demonstrates how we can all learn more about ourselves to stop getting in our own way.      KEY TAKEAWAYS  Your brain operates with a habit loop and it does not like change, so no matter how much you think you want to start running at 7am every morning, your brain has other plans! In a habit loop, you are usually following a path from a Trigger, to a Craving, that leads to a Behaviour that results in a Reward.  But the brain NEVER thinks about the Consequence! This is about instant gratification. The autopilot part of your brain kicks in and will always seek instant gratification over delayed g