Cut The Crap Podcast

The 4 Saboteurs - Guilt



GUILT AS A SABOTEUR In the final episode of this 4-part mini-series about Saboteurs, Emma tackles the issues surrounding guilt. We all experience guilt in varying ways, it is how we deal with it that determines whether we let it sabotage us or not.  The series  PERFECTIONISM IMPATIENCE  ISOLATION  GUILT  Listen in to the full mini-series to find out how to take action against these saboteurs and achieve the life you truly want and deserve.     KEY TAKEAWAYS  Guilt leads us to feel less than, to feel insecure, not enough and guilty;  Everyone has an Inner Critical Voice. This inner critic can become louder as you become more anxious, which only makes the problem worse as you are likely to perpetuate whatever destructive cycle guilt drives you to - eating, drinking, drug taking, shopping, sex/porn, gambling....or just feeling crap about yourself; This Inner Critical Voice is actually part of our "fight or flight" response and is about keeping us safe