Cut The Crap Podcast

The 4 Saboteurs - Isolation



WHY ISOLATING OURSELVES FROM OTHERS IS A SABOTEUR, NOT A SAVIOUR In episode 3 of this mini-series, Emma explores the complex saboteur of isolation. She shares the different levels of isolation we experience and how to overcome them. Listen in to find out more.     KEY TAKEAWAYS  Isolation will trip you up over and over again on different levels;  The first level of isolation - not sharing with someone how you are feeling or what you are struggling with. The  reasons people don’t say anything are because they fear being rejected, fear being seen as weak or fear of being judged generally;  When you think others will judge you, in fact you are projecting a judgement onto other people you are really making about yourself;  The second level of isolation – you believe you are protecting others by not 'burdening them' with your stuff; When your friends confide in you about their struggles, but you never share with them about your struggles, you are creat