Cut The Crap Podcast

The 4 Saboteurs - Perfectionism



‘If you mess it up you can clean it up’  In this 4-part mini-series about Saboteurs, Emma examines the saboteurs that are stopping you from achieving your goals.  This podcast reveals how perfectionism manifests itself and the positive actions you can take to let go of it and move towards the life you truly want       KEY TAKEAWAYS  Being a perfectionist is about doing it all right or all wrong, there are no grey areas;  Believing that you can be perfect is a fatal imperfection;  As a perfectionist, you probably won’t even start many things because perfection is too hard to achieve, and perfectionism only gives you one chance to fail; It is far more empowering to remember that if you screw it up you can clean it up; Within a relationship what you think you want is rarely what you actually want and on the journey to finding what you want, you will usually have to kiss a few frogs along the way! Usually, when you make a judgement about someone