Lumi And Fonce

10- It's Always Sunny In Central Europe



Have you ever seen a woman washing your bloody articles of clothing by a riverbank? If so, then this episode may be for you! (But seriously, if you have, don't join any battles any time soon.) This week, we cover Celtic mythology! We find out who invented whistling and who impersonates crows. Hint, hint, it's the same woman who washes clothes by the river. We also talk about almost mermaids and what their whole deal is while also discussing possibly the most humane god ever. There's a lot of emotions in this episode, but nonetheless, it's worth the listen! Use the knowledge in this episodes against your friends! Keep in mind, we are not experts in any of the topics that we discuss. Follow our Twitter to stay updated on future episodes and use #lafgods to have us see your reactions and additions to the episode! @LumiFonce Send us an email with your suggestions or ideas about the show at