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NRT presents: "Rumors"



Listen and learn about NRT’s production of “Rumors” by Neil Simon!! Don't miss this chance to enjoy an evening of hijinks and fun! The deputy mayor of New York and his wife have invited four couples to their elegant home in order to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. When the first couple arrives, they find the hostess missing and the host lying upstairs with a superficial bullet wound. They then attempt to hide what they believe and fear is a scandal from the second couple, who tries to hide it from the third, and so on and so on, until every guest is caught in a series of crazy events consisting of swirling “rumors” and misunderstandings. An off-stage car crash, a therapist who attempts a group session by phone, a would-be senator running from his infidelity-suspecting wife, and a disappeared Oriental domestic make for an exciting menagerie of chaos! THREE PERFORMANCES: Thursday, March 19 Friday, March 20 Saturday, March 21 All will be at 8 pm in 111 Forum! FREE!! Chris Gorman: Lauren Lynch Ken