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NRT presents: "Schoolgirl Figure"



Listen to learn about this week's NRT show: "Schoolgirl Figure" by Wendy MacLeod. A dark comedy going up during National Eating Disorder Awarness Week. Renee, Patty, and Jeanine go to a school where only one thing matters. Being thin. The thinnest girl gets The Bradley and Monique's recent death has left him up for grabs. Let the diet wars begin. TWO PERFORMANCES: Friday, Feb. 27 Saturday, Feb. 28 All at 8 pm in 111 Forum! FREE!!! Directed by Johanna Kirchheimer Assistant Directed by Buddy Ruse and Alyssa Dytko Starring... Robin Kowa Melissa Zabell Elaina Mercurio Aiden Davis Nicole Arias Katie Carriero Elle Maney Erin Lane Christen Buckley