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Julia Michaels has it and so do we! An episode of anxiety



Have you heard Julia Michaels latest song? And do you know the backstory of that particular song? As the title of the song suggests, it is about her personal experiences where anxiety sometimes drags her back in the journey being a musician. In many articles, many reporters had said that she is very talented and pretty much will be the "next big thing" when she was young. But then anxiety and depression kicks in which holds the "next big thing" becoming exactly that. It's not just Julia Michaels that struggles through the oppressive state anxiety give to us, many of us also experienced anxiety. Anxiety may be a subjective feeling for each person, but we all know that too much anxiety will not be good for your daily life. Tune in to this episode of podcast where we discuss about anxiety, what is it and how to alleviate it. Follow us on Instagram @tgme_podcast for episode updates and many interesting content! (You can also leave a comment in anchor or insta!) This episode music :  Hoodie Allen - Intro to A