Cut The Crap Podcast

Money, Money, Money



In this episode, Mary-Pat joins Emma to work through her blocks about money, earning ‘more than she needs’, fear of judgement around The Establishment in her industry and being a “Secret Millionaire”. Mary Pat has a PhD in Speech and Language Therapy and is a lecturer in her area of expertise. She has a great idea for an online program which fills an important gap in Speech and Language Services.  But her blocks around earning ‘more than she needs’, being seen as ‘greedy or graspy’, and her imposter syndrome block of “who do you think you are” are all getting in the way of her producing and launching her valuable program!   HIGHLIGHTS: “Wow, it’s not enough for you to have a really good job and be well respected in your industry, but you also have to have this side hustle where you’re just charging people money for an online program that you’ve thrown up onto the interweb….” “Who do you think you a