002 - Steve Balsamo shares experiences of his voice from West End crucifixions through ancestral overtone healing to recording as a solo artist and gives us an exclusive listen to his new project.



Born and raised in Swansea, UK, Steve started out singing in rock bands as a teenager before he came to the public's attention in the mid '90s by way of a beard, long hair and a loincloth - playing Jesus in a West End revival of Jesus Christ Superstar.  Signing to Columbia Records soon after the messiah complex wore off, he was molded into a poppy/rocky/folky/country-ish artist - nothing like covering all the bases - and made an album, All I Am.  "Despite the musical schizophrenia, he had a ton of fun travelling the world and writing lots of songs, and I even got to play live on legendary UK television's Top Of The Pops, and even made the charts." ​ Steve formed a country rock band, The Storys, made 3 albums and toured the globe with the great and the good, including Santana, Celine Dion, Joe Cocker and Elton John, who declared their first album 'fantastic!'.  ​ He is part of an ongoing prog/electronica project with Rob Reed of Magenta called chimpanA.  "The first album upset Q Magazine so