Cut The Crap Podcast

Mary Pat and Her Money part 2



In this episode, Mary-Pat joins Emma again to let us know how she has changed her beliefs about money, and her ‘right’ to earn good money from her innovative program. Mary Pat has a PhD in Speech and Language Therapy and is a lecturer in her area of expertise. She has a great idea for an online program which fills an important gap in Speech and Language Services, specifically for bilingual parents of children with autism who wish to teach their children two languages.  But her blocks around earning ‘more than she needs’, being seen as ‘greedy or graspy’, and her imposter syndrome block of “who do you think you are” are all getting in the way of her producing and launching her valuable program! We cover how Mary Pat has internalised beliefs about not wanting to be seen to ‘want’ things – from an intimate relationship to earning more money.  We discuss cultural and family programming, and how we owe it to ourselves to fully examine all