Elected Officials Don’t Read



If reading is fundamental, why aren’t our elected representatives doing it more? Since the release of the Mueller Report, we are realizing that...folks “don’t read”. On this episode, L. Joy reads a passage or two from the Mueller reports and brings political consultant Michele Watley to the front of the class to discuss the latest political headlines. Michele L. Watley, is the founder and owner of The Griot Group LLC, a strategic communications and political advocacy consulting practice. She has been honored by the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) with the 40 under 40 award and was named one of Campaign & Elections Rising Stars for 2017. Michele served as the National African American Outreach Political Director for Bernie 2016 and is the founder of Shirley’s Kitchen Cabinet, a nonpartisan organization dedicated to amplifying the voices and power of Black women through education and advocacy. Homework Read the Mueller Report Call and ask your House/Senate member if they have read the