1 1/2 Jews

He Dumped You In The Alley Behind Your House??



WELCOME TO THE JUNGLEEEE (aka Season 2 of 1 1/2 Jews)!!! @dominiquedruckman is baaaackkkkkk and this time with a special co-host, @kristine_brunnandersen!!!  The 1/2 Jew and her Lutheran friend discuss how they met and their first impressions of eachother (ooohh, touchy topic?), what makes them happy these days OTHER THAN matching loungewear, the worst ways in which they've been dumped and OF COURSE their love languages!!  All topics that potential suitors love to hear about, including but not limited to their fresh smelling armpits!  So give it a listen, leave a review and DEF subscribe!! #TagAHoe  xoxo,  @one_and_a_half_jews