Power Lunch With Laura

John Crist, Comedian: "If you’re going to tell someone the truth, make it funny or they’ll kill you."



Comedian John Crist has built an entire career on satirising Christians and pointing out embarrassing attitudes within the Christian faith. His videos have amassed over 1billion YouTube views, with a 1 million-strong Instagram following continually coming back for more.  For Crist, his comedy not only shines a spotlight on some uncomfortable hypocrisies within the church - but also provides him a refuge in life's tough seasons. "If anyone’s [ever felt] some kind of escape or easing of pain [though my comedy],” said Crist, “whatever it does to you, it does 10 times more for me to make it. If I’m going though breakups or issues in my family that have been hard, [my work] makes it way easier, because the escape is so real when you’re up on that stage.” In his chat with Laura, he talks about growing up a homeschooled pastors' kid in America's south, bridging the church-mainstream divide, and his constant need for audience feedback.