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#1 Couple Talks



The idea of doing a podcast about relationships and especially ours, came right after getting engaged in June. We went through a mini-crisis because the proposal brought up a lot of things: questioning, fears, etc. and we felt like society always makes weddings and engagements so perfect but for us (and i’m sure for many others) it was a huge step inwards. Also we noticed that in general in conversations, when someone shares about their struggles, it gives the other one the opportunity to also open up about theirs. We also got inspired by ‘Paardiologie‘ from Charlotte Roche and Martin. You could argue that they’ve been together for 15 years so they would be more ‘qualified for the job’ than us but we thought it might also be interesting to start now (after only 2 years) when we are still finding the tools (aka struggling) to grow together and share that building a relationship means hard work in order for it to thrive! Here are a few topics of our #1 recorded conversation: -Till’s background -How we met