Don't Log Off




Some locations - the beaches of California, the South American rain-forest, the majestic scenery and slow pace of Christchurch, New Zealand - may seem like Paradise - but reality, in the form of nature, climate change, industrialisation, or terrorism, can often creep in, even in these beautiful places. What about if you live there? Alan Dein talks to three strangers from across the globe, finding out the threats to Paradise, and how those who have chosen to make their lives there cope. Jefferson grew up in Malibu, one of the most desirable places on earth - surfing, hiking, living the outdoor life. Once in a decade a fire would come and change all that... but in recent years the fires have become more regular and more devastating. How did Jefferson get through the devastating experience of losing his home to fire? . Alan also gets a glimpse of life in the rain forest, speaking to Fernando who is lying in a hammock on the Pacific Coast of Colombia - describing the whales that come each year to visit