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Network Marketing Success.Org E-Book Section Five: Unique Mission Statement 2/2



Our 11th NMS FAQ episode reveals the supporting philosophy and guiding epistemology that forms NMS's unique Mission statement (Section 5 of NMS's E-Book.  What did our panel of experts think about a mission designed to fundamentally evovle MLM's and network marketing business building?  Take notes as you listen. Audio time tracking: Open: 00:00 - 04:41 Insights: 04:42 - 15:40 Close: 15:41 - 17:04 As you listen to this show, remember to click on this link to learn more about the people on this show. To take part in this discussion post your comments in the comment box below. To access an information-packed e-book on things every entrepreneurial network marketer should KNOW about click this link! Music by Kevin MacLeod licensed under Creative Commons By Attribution 3.0.