Cwcm Podcast

Ep 6 - Shani Womack



On this episode, we feature a testimonial from Roshanda "Shani" Womack, pastor, singer-songwriter, storyteller, counselor and Flint Michigan native. She shares the story of her experience with the Flint water crisis, the important moments in Flint's history that led to present day conditions, and her perspective on the power of water, and the importance of electing clean water candidates. Shani was interviewed by campaign founder Seth Bernard. This episode is sponsored by HopCat. The Clean Water Campaign for Michigan seeks to place clean water issues front and center in the year building up to the 2018 elections by urging every candidate running for public office to make a strong stand on critical issues affecting Michigan’s waters. Using storytelling and music events across the state to amplify the groundswell of public support for clean water issues, this campaign is driven by Michiganders from all walks of life who share a similar priority: protection of our water, a most vital resource. EPISODE 6: Rosh