Northern Colorado Real Estate Ramp Up

Interview with Jed Scott - Colorado Mineral Rights Issues



In this episode I sit down with a local attorney and friend, Jed Scott. Jed is a partner at Bell, Gould, Linder and Scott, P.C. and is our "go to" guy when our clients need legal help. Over the years, the majority of the time when Jed is helping us with a real estate deal it is a mineral rights issue and we’re trying to understand what to expect when buying an acreage property that no longer has its mineral rights intact.  So that’s the basis for this discussion along with a some tangents on the growth of Fort Collins, oil and gas development, air quality issues, glade reservoir/ NISP, instituting minimum flows on the Poudre through town, why our traffic isn’t as bad as people think, and why we don’t always drink beer made in Fort Collins.