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My Detox & Healing Protocols for Breast Implant Illness



It's been 3 months since my explant surgery and I am happy to announce that I feel completely healed! Some of the lagging symptoms I had since my 1 month post explant update are gone and I feel like my detox and healing protocol really helped me to fully heal. So I wanted to share with you what those protocols are. Just a disclaimer this is for educational purposes only. I am not a doctor by any means but just want to share my journey and experience. You decide what you do with it. With that said I am including some links to the supplements and protocols Vitamedica-Recovery Support Program -Arnica -Surgilax Purium -Power shake -Vitamin C -Cracked Cell Chorela -Fulvic Zeolite -Biomedic -Aloe Digest Dry BrushingCoffee Enemas