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A Natural Practice



Hold what is but do not hold it to be anything. Work with all that comes from Heaven, but do not seek to hold it. Just be empty. The perfect man’s heart is like a mirror. It does not search after things. It does not look for things. It does not seek knowledge, just responds. As a result, he can handle everything and is not harmed by anything. - The Book of Chuang Tzu They tell us to clear our minds, to empty the space in our heads, to focus on non-thinking. What tool will you use to reach this state, your mind? Will you think your way out of thinking? Will you clear your thoughts with different thoughts? How will you suppress the parade of images that seem to flow freely? Even if you could press a button and reduced the chatter in your mind, how would you guarantee that only the most useful thoughts remain? If your mind is busy, active, and creative, isn’t this obviously its natural state? If you take the position that your mind is over active, that is should be less active, aren’t you also implying that t