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The Enlightening Path



Artwork by Cameron Grey How can I achieve greater contentment by becoming better at using my mind? This is a question we rarely ask ourselves, yet possibly the most important one we could ever ask. Your mind, as your helper, is constantly presenting you with options, scenarios, possibilities, most of which arise from your very creative imagination. This process is very easy to observe in one’s own mind. One key to an enlightening life, is to take time to observe your thoughts and note their characteristics. This way, you are able to make better choices about how you use the thoughts you have. One common school of thought advises us to attempt to clear our minds of a unwanted thoughts, thereby helping us to focus, feel more at ease, and attend to the present. While the goal sounds simple enough, the process of using one’s mind to clear one’s mind, may not be the most effective or realistic approach. Our minds are much like the Weather, a vast and dynamic system of interconnected forces. The modern human min