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Life is Sensational



Artwork by Cameron Grey Light moves on its pathways through space, Enters the eyes, and you absorb the luminous. Each sense is a current of divinity, sparkling with mystery. Light, motion, space, vision, awareness – All are composed of omnipresence. The senses connecting you to the outer world and paths of communion with the inner world. Every sight, sound, smell, taste touch ... a greeting from the Beloved. The Radiance Sutras by Lorin Roche It begins with presence, engaging in the here and now experience of life. It’s at the core of happiness, the heart of your humanity, and the path two an enlightened way of being. Your world consists of physical, auditory, visual, and aesthetic experiences. Become the observer of these sensations and life becomes sensational! When we attend more deeply to sensations, we increase the possibility for feelings of appreciation, wonderment, and satisfaction. Are you skilled observer? Are you aware of your body as it rests or moves in your environment? Are you tunin