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The Sacred



Artwork by Cameron Grey Not until a person dissolves can he or she know what union is. There is a descent into emptiness. A lie will not change to truth with just talking about it. - Rumi Some people will tell you that there are places on this earth that are more sacred than others. These words may lead us to believe that there are also some people who are more special or sacred than others. These beliefs often lead to valuations based in personal preferences, experiences, and which can lead to feelings of low self-worth. “This place is not special.” “I am not special.” “I need to be more like the special people.” The truth is, if the universe is indeed a sacred body, then every aspect and expression contained within it is also sacred. The spirit of creation does not play favorites and equally supports the whale as it does the minnow. It’s true that some places on the earth are more highly valued by people, likely for their natural beauty, unusual features, or historical uses, but these values are all place