Bard Alcohol Content

Bard Alcohol Content: Holiday Live Show 1



Bunch and Loki get into a special (werewolfy) brand of trouble in our FIRST EVER Holiday Special! This weeks drink is known as a Hand Grenade (and yeah, I did steal this from Letterkenny), but we call it A Cure For Werewolfism. You'll need: -Dark Beer (a stout) -Irish Cream -Whiskey -1 pint glass, 2 shot glasses Fill the pint glass halfway up with beer. Pour a shot of whiskey and a shot of irish cream and wedge the shot glasses at the top of the pint glass (the whiskey shot should be higher up).  When it's time to drink, pull the whiskey shot out and drink it quick, then quickly drink the irish cream/beer (it'll curdle fast if you arent quick!).  Enjoy, and be careful not to break your teeth!