St Mark's National Theological Centre

The Good Book under the gum trees: the Bible in Australian culture (Dr Meredith Lake)



Australia was largely colonised by convicts rather than settlers with Christian convictions, which is why it's heartening and surprising to learn how much the Bible has woven its way into the fabric of Australian culture and society. At St Mark's National Theological Centre's 2017 Commencement Lecture, Dr Meredith Lake took us through the many myriad ways in which the Bible has changed our country. Titled "The good book under the gum trees: the Bible in Australian culture", we learned how all kinds of Australians have made use of the Bible — from convicts to Anzacs, Aboriginal activists to writers and artists. Dr Meredith Lake is a renown historian and published author. She literally wrote the book about The Bible in Australia which went on to become 2018 Australian Christian Book of the Year, and is currently doing a major study on the Bible's impact and influence in Australian culture and life.