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How to Explode Your Instagram & Podcast by Being Yourself w/Rashad Bilal of Earn Your Leisure - Episode 17



Watch this episode on Youtube (Video): He started out as a highly skilled basketball player, making it to the Division 1 level & a career overseas, when injury put an end to that career path However he’d always had a passion for business, which would lead him to take the necessary tests to become a financial advisor, which is still his primary career to this day Along with his business partner aka his father he is a financial advisor and partner at the Bilal Group LLC, a financial services and wealth management firm that has served & continues to serve hundreds of professionals and business owners nationwide for over 35 years. In addition to that, working with his partner Troy Millings as well as several other team members, he’s built one of the most incredible communities on Instagram, and now on a podcast, to teach people financial & business literacy using sports, entertainment, and pop culture as a vehicle to make the concepts more relatable and sweet to consume It