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LIVE Episode: My Plan to Create a New Category (Behind the Scenes) - Episode 19



On this Live Episode (originally hosted on Instagram Live & Facebook Live), we go behind the scenes of my app business to discuss how I am creating a new category and what it means for my business, and better yet, for you. Sign Up for the Free Workshop: Thurs, June 27, 8pm EST "How to Successfully Launch Your App in 2019" (Even While Everyone Else is Struggling)   Apply for App Moguls Inner Circle: 7 Steps to App Success:   Download Color Noir: Noir Facebook Group:     Join the Insiders Chat:  Subscribe to the Game of Grow Podcast:     This episode is sponsored by my first book, "The 7 Steps to App Success".  12 million downloads, 8 years of grinding, 7 months of writing & editing, and thousands of dollars of my own money later, it’s finally here…. And you can get it for wayyyy less. Head to and pick up your digital copy