Critically Drinking

Episode 20: The Gift Of Enthusiasm



When you are introduced to Tesh Randall you are pretty sure that she is just another girl next door type who moved to a beach town, but then again we all know that first impressions are often wrong. Following a known path isn't what Tesh has done and she is quick to tell you that while she knows she might have missed out on some experiences she has no regrets about her unconventional route so far. Starting in childhood being home-schooled, she has certainly used a different map than most to reach success. Self publishing her first book at 19 and pushing on to create unconventional companies as opportunities present themselves Tesh and her partner are not wasting a minute. Leveraging every opportunity that comes their way has served to make her an enthusiastic supporter of other people's projects as much as her own, but admitting that "You can’t force your own enthusiasm and onto someone else", was the first step in realising that not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur.