Influence, Insight & Intimacy

You are God Ordained



In this short 9 minute message, I concisely explain to you how God's purpose for you remains. Jonah's story as he runs away but figures he can't. I speak from Jonah 1:7 onwards because I want to share 3-4 quick truths. You are God ordained and that before walking into purpose you need to be clear on knowing who you are as a person and that acknowledging God is will release you to function in purpose. This podcast is going to help you realise that you have a message to deliver, that you need to act on what God is saying...and not to try run away from what God is trying to bring you into.... I’m talking only to those who want to live a life of influence, insight and intimacy with Jesus. You’re not called to live like everyone else. Invite me to speak? Instagram: @joshuasingh Web: Email: If you’d like to be one of our guests or request a topic  We would love for you to leave a review