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Markias LittleJohn & Jason Moore



I sit down with my good friend Jason Moore and his friend Markias LittleJohn. You may know Jason from my last episode and our other popular show "Don't Be So Dramatic". Jason is transformational speaker and mentor who has brought mindfulness to children all over the country through his Mindfulness club and workshops with Future Foundations. Markias Little John is a therapist based out of California. I was introduced to Markias through Jason and was lucky enough to sit down with him whilst he was visiting the UK.  In this episode we talk about how he became a therapist and the role he played within his large family. There’s so many incredible words of wisdom in this podcast I found it so enlightening and learnt so much about the effect our upbringing can can have on us fundamentally as adults. We also touch upon personality disorders and highlight misconceptions around them. We talk about narcissists and gaslighting and what to do if you want a relationship to change. Find Markias on Instagram here: https